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PPIC: Race and Partisan Leanings in California’s Draft Redistricting Maps 

Governor and Other Statewide Officers

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Newsom. Legislators Agree on Surplus Spending

Governor's Budget Summary

Holden-Portantino React Favorably to Newsom'sBudget

Budget Agreement Between Newsom and Legislative Leaders June 22


Legislative News from Local Lawmakers

Governor Signs Portantino Bill Creating Regional Affordable Housing Trust

Assemblymember Holden's Carbon Intensity of Construction and Building Materials Act Heads To Governor

Holden's Fare-Free Transportation For Students Across California Passes Senate Policy Committee

Holden Introduces Juvenile Custodial Interrogations Bill to Protect Youth

Holden’s ‘George Floyd Law’ Passes Legislature

Governor Signs Assemblymember Holden’s ‘George Floyd Law’

Holden’s ‘George Floyd Law’ Clears Senate Public Safety Committee

Chris Holden's Social and Racial Justice Bills Clear Appropriations Committee 5/21/2021

Chris Holden Introduces Bill to Create State School Nurse Consultant at California Department of Education

Chris Holden's Bill Requiring Diversity on Corporate Boards Signed into Law

Chris Holden's Bill Requiring Diversity on Corporate Boards Passes Sunday, Sent to Governor Newsom

What Holden is Doing for Police Reform and Racial Justice and How You Can Help

Assemblymember Holden's Bills on Police Use of Force, Corporate Racial Inclusivity Advance to Committee

Plan to strengthen California’s police use of force rules blocked in Sacramento Thus blocking Holden's Bill

Assemblyman Holden Pushes Bill to Require Police to Stop Excessive Force They Witness

Assemblymember Chris Holden Pushes Bill Requiring Diversity on Corporate Boards

Assemblymember Chris Holden’s Legislation to Regulate Prescription Medication Automatic Refills Passes Assembly

Senator Portantino Secures $23 Million for Affordable Housing in Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale

California Age Limit Firearms Law Authored by State Senator Portantino Ruled Unconstitutional

Senator Portantino’s Cancer Care Equity Act Passes Senate Floor

Senator Portantino’s Bill to Curb Noise Pollution Passes Senate Transportation Committee

Senator Portantino’s Cal Grant Equity and College Access Act Passes Senate Education Committee

Newsom Signs Seven Portantino Bills Into Law

Governor Signs Senator Portantino’s Poway Gun License & DOJ Investigations Bill Inspired by Two Tragic Events

Portantino, Assembly and Senate Working Groups Unveil Joint $100 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan

Portantino Affordable Housing Bill Advances

Portantino, Holden Want Changes to AB 5, the Controversial New Law Affecting Freelancers


By KEVIN KENNEY, Senior Reporter

Published in Pasadena Now: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 | 5:56 AM


Senators Portantino and Gonzalez Introduce Clean Water Legislation to Monitor PFAS Chemical Contamination

Portantino Bill Could Help Closed Schools Become Affordable Housing

Portantino Introduces Bill to Improve School Safety

Senator Portantino Recognized for Adolescent Health Efforts

Time to Sleep and to Excel as Portantino's School Late Start Bill Passes SB 328 is Now on the Governor's Desk (since signed by Governor Newsom).


Two 710 Freeway Extension Corridor Bills Pass State Legislature, Sealing Its Demise, Framing Its Future

Holden Press Release on Tunnel

Portantino's Comprehensive 710 Freeway Bill Signed by Governor, Killing the Extension and Framing the Corridor's Future

Final end of 710 freeway extension threat, stub development help for Pasadena, relief for tenants and nonprofits and post-freeway actions all included


State Senator Anthony J. Portantino (speaking) at a press conference in Pasadena on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 to present the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the 710 Freeway Corridor to the public, which signaled the beginning of the end for the decades-long project. This weekend, Governor Newsom signed Portantino's SB-7 bill which legally kills the extension and sets the stage for the future of the corridor.

Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D- La Canada Flintridge) announced early Sunday morning that SB 7, the “final nail in the coffin” for plans for a 710 freeway extension in Pasadena, has been signed by Governor Newsom.