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JANUARY 9, 2014


ATTENDEES:  S. Beer, W. Gordon, M. Gottlieb, M. Hubbard, D. Hickambottom, C. Hains, B. Wright, M. Marshall, G. Baum, I. Moore, E. Washatka, A. Pemstein, K. Sea, B. Hacket, S. Hickambottom, D. Gronemeir, J. Fuhrman, B. Gertmenian, H. Moon, F. Williams, J. Register, C. Driver, B. Paul, Jonathan Edwards (Guest Speaker)


CALL TO ORDER:  At the home of W. Gordon/M. Gottlieb by J.  Fuhrman@7:40pm.


MINUTES:  D. Gronemeir noted that approval was given to the committee members re the joint hosting of an ACT-NAACP Forum to explore the issue of civilian oversight of police, with Program and Outreach Committees to follow through and report back.  Motion made to amend Minutes to reflect this addition, moved, seconded, carried.


PROGRAM:  Speaker Jonathan Edwards, Pres. Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Assoc., intro by I. Moore.  The Association promotes walkable urban lifestyle in Pasadena which is vibrant with thriving businesses, excellent arts, good government and active public spaces, while advocating for: urban parks, wider sidewalks, pedestrian-based street design, bike lanes, trees/shrubbery, mixed-use and transit-orientated development, enduring architecture and amenities that improve life for residents. Area defined by 210 (north), CalTech (east), California Blvd (south) Pasadena Ave (west).  Comprised of 4 council districts-3,5,6,7.  All about progressivism (residents working together for common good) and urbanism.  In U.S., emphasis has been on private places since end WWII, have come full circle, not as desirable, thus public space has developed.  Need to retrofit to address quality of life, public improvements to support this.  Pasadena has lots of history, must be maintained.  Goals:  Playhouse District-add parklets (mobile), Central Park renovation, participate actively in planning.



TREASURER, E.D. REPORTS:  Per J. Fuhrman, Membership Income: $394.26, Households: 9, ACT Individual: 14, ADC: 13.   E. Washatka distributed detailed Treasurer’s, E.D. Report ending Dec 31, 2013 and ACT 2014 Operating Budget:

          Operating:                                  $11,390.47

          JB Fund                                       $   -185.00

          ACT Political                                $28,779.22

          ACT Dem Victory Fund                 $  1,239.22

          ADC                                            $     998.00


RESEARCH:  J. Fuhrman stated LA Sheriff race hotly contested, candidates would want to address Research Committee, primary in June, will need to obtain 50% or more of vote.  Board of Supervisors to appoint interim.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  2 co-chairs have 1 more year, L. Centell will accept W. Soltes’ co-chair, B. Paul-Secretary, M. Marshall-Research (1 more needed), M. Hubbard-Program, S. Kane & R. Hurtado co-chair Issues, D. Gronemeir chairs Outreach.  Motion: We move to accept the election of L. Centall as Co-chair, B. Paul as Secretary, B. Gertmenian as Corresponding Secretary, E. Washatka as Treasurer, seconded, no discussion, no other nominations, move to close, no further discussion.  All ayes, no nays, motion carried.


ADJOURN TO ADC:  B. Hackett announced UDH Steering Committee Meeting Jan. 29, home of K. Wingard@7:30pm, 3 ADC seats available, D. Hickambottom and B. Wright interested, off-year election, more difficult.  Went to CO and NV in 2012 to assist.  Has 20 signatures for Charter.  Nominations:  B. Hackett Chair, T. Wendler Vice-Chair, and other ACT officers who support ADC.  Motion:  We move to nominate Bill and Tim to continue on as Chair and Vice Chair, no discussion, move to close. Seconded, all ayes, no nays, motion carried.  Courtney Driver was introduced, on several Boards, Young Dems.  A. Portantino invited her to come, get involved. 


ADJOURNED TO ACT:  F. Williams, presiding.  By-Laws approval, Motion: move that we adopt the new by-laws as printed in ThePhoenix.  Seconded, all ayes, no nays, motion carried.  Motion:  move that we adopt the Standing Order #1 as printed in The Phoenix. Seconded, all ayes, no nays, motion carried.


OUTREACH COMMITTEE:  Detailed status handout to members by committee, NAACP in agreeance to co-host.  Various dates discussed pending moderator availability of A. Portantino.   Format:  3 panelists (various names put forth), 10-15 min. intro education, 6 7 min. pro-con segments, 30-45 min. Q&A.  Primary concern is with Black community, talking about how to outreach to Latino community, ACLU reached out to Stella.  Outreach Comm. meeting, Jan. 20@7:30pm, J. McLean, anyone welcome to attend.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Any suggestions welcome.  Motion:  move that we let Program Committee come up with something else, all ayes no nays, motion carried.  


THEPHOENIX:  Deadline to Chuck-Sunday, pm, mailing@Chuck’s, 1/16@7pm. Lead articles: new officers, forum, political notes.  Next meeting, Thursday, Feb. 6, location TBD. 


ADJOURNED:  9:25pm


Respectfully Submitted,




Barbara Paul