ACT Officers and Committees 2022

Co-Chairs: Cheryl Brickey, George Brumder, Marilee Marshall

Recording Secretaries: Mona Field, Barbara Paul & Joanne Wendler (backups)

Corresponding Secretaries: Beth Gertmenian, Monica Hubbard (backup)

Treasurer: Ed Washatka

Computer/Webpage – Bruce Wright, Marcus Green, Jon Fuhrman, Fred Register, Elliot Cuite

Fundraising – Fred Register, Bill Hacket, Felicia Rusnak, Teresa Lamb Simpson, Anthony Portantino, Barbara Paul, Veronica Raymond, Jeanne Register

The Phoenix – Chuck Hains, Sally Beer

Program – Ann Marie Hickambottom (Chair), Linda Centell, Susan Kane, John Buchanan, Kris Ockershauser

Research – Marilee Marshall & Tim Wendler (Co-Chairs), Susan Kane, George VanAlstine, Bruce Wright, Jeanette Mann, Jon Fuhrman, Joanne Wendler, Monica Hubbard, Vickere Murphy, Beth Gertmenian, Ed Washatka, Felicia Williams, Marguerite Cooper, Betty Krachman, Barbara Paul, Karen Breau, Denise Robb

Note: All former ACT Co-Chairs are Steering Committee members. Some of them are not listed here.

Arroyo Democratic Club Officers 2022

President: Tim Wendler

Vice-President: Bruce Wright

Secretaries and Treasurer: Same as ACT

Please help by telling us about any mistakes you see in the above lists. Also please let us know if you would like to serve on an ACT committee (and thus become a Steering Committee member.) Contact Executive Director Jon Fuhrman at