Letter to the Editor
Pasadena Star News
January 16, 2008

Rants against immigrants

Our president’s latest outrage against immigrants, which also included praise of people from Norway (deservedly), made me wonder how Norwegians (and others) view us in similar comparative terms. When they see our lack of affordable universal health care, major pockets of poverty, poorly performing, underfunded and undervalued public schools, grossly disproportionate wealth discrepancies, climate change unresponsiveness at the national level, greatly reduced use of diplomacy to address the world’s salient international problems, the controlling power of money in our elections, our worldleading rate of incarceration and continued use of the death penalty and finally an election that put a colossal narcissist like Donald Trump in the White House, one can’t help but ponder whether some Norwegians might see the U.S. as the “sh*thole country.” We are not of course (nor is any other country in the world) deserving of that kind of massive indictment, but we are far from free of world-class problems, not all that different from Haiti and some African countries.

Admittedly, these other countries like Norway may not fully grasp the benefits of an essentially unfetteredfree market economy, vastly reduced government regulation and plannedreduction or elimination

of Social Security, Medicare benefits and similar character- weakening welfare “handouts” and the biggest and best military in the world, capable of wiping out North Korea.

These foreigners also may fail to see how these factors combine to enable the richest Americans to pass on some largesse to the bottom 95 percent. How could they grasp these economic principles, when they

are so corrupted by governmenthandouts? Notwithstanding this flaw in their national character, these Norwegians can’t all have been damaged by their exposure to the demoralizing social programs. So happily Trump may let some of the less-damaged welfare-dependent Scandinavians emigrate to the U.S.

Some may even come, after the 2020 elections! — Robert E. Carlson, Pasadena