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ACT is the oldest progressive grass-roots political action group in the Foothills, and one of the most effective.  For 40 years, we've been fighting for progressive ideals at the city, state, and national levels.  Our special focus and competence is on elections and campaigning; individually and as a group.  Our members have helped elect numerous candidates to local and state office -- candidates committed to making positive changes in our communities.

Here is a bit of ACT history as recounted by Fred Register at the time of ACT's 40th Anniversary:

In The Phoenix announcing the event he wrote: "Among those in attendance will be a hearty handful of veterans from ACT's first meeting in Ralph Hurtado's living room back in 1973.
At that meeting we organized the new club and chose the late Jean Kulli as our first executive director. All of us had been involved in the 1972 presidential campaign (and the local campaign for Congress), so we were looking to rebound after a catastrophic defeat. But we were also hoping to build on success.
The local McGovern campaign had been an historic one – similar in some ways to the outpouring for Obama in 2008. More than a thousand people had volunteered in an unprecedented burst of grassroots enthusiasm. ACT was an attempt to keep those people together and continue fighting for a progressive agenda.
At that time, the Vietnam War was the overriding issue. But the activists in the room were also involved in other important struggles – including the bitter fight over the integration of Pasadena's schools.
They were fighting the good fight in what we would now call a very "red" community – though the term meant pretty much the opposite in those days. No Democrat at any level had carried Pasadena since Franklin Roosevelt's landslide in 1936. The whole area was synonymous with rock-ribbed conservatism, birthplace of the infamous John Birch Society. There was much work to be done.
Forty years later, the work for progressive change continues, but the local landscape looks very different. Our area is deeply "blue" – another term that meant something quite different at the time. And ACT has played a major role in making it happen. Our long-time strategy of focusing on
elections and building progress step-by-step has been remarkably successful."

ACT is a great way to meet other politically engaged people -- activists, officeholders, future candidates -- and to get better informed about key issues.  There is also an opportunity to get involved in the Democratic Party through our sister organization, the Arroyo Democratic Club.

The General Membership has all final authority in policy matters. There are at least two meetings of the whole group each year, usually including a potluck dinner to which all are asked to contribute. Much of the business of the organization is done in relatively small committees that report to the Steering Committee. For example, the Steering Committee, following extensive rules from the by laws and standing orders, interviews candidates for office and makes endorsement recommendations on candidates and ballot propositions at the national, state and local levels. Its recommendations are acted upon by the Steering Committee and forwarded to the General Membership by ballot. Thus candidates and meaures endorsed by ACT have been carefully and extensively considered before endorsement. ACT often provides funding to candidates as well as its mailing list and other materials. ACT has a very high record of success with its endorsements. The endorsements of ACT are often the same as those of ADC. The United Democratic Headquarters receives direct support from ACT and from ADC. It usually has a local office in Pasadena that coordinates campaign work, including phone banking to other areas of the country in key races.

Other ACT Committees such as the Issues Committee function in a similar manner, making recommendations for action to the Steering Committee that are submitted to the vote of the Membership when appropriate . The Outreach, Publications and Program Commitees also report to the Steering Committee. All ACT members are encouraged to serve on committees of their choice.

ACT sponsors a number of community forums, especially around elections but also related to progressive issues in the community. These are often co-sponsored by other organizations such as the local ACLU and NAACP and Latino groups.

Be sure to check the links on the menu at the top of the page, especially the ACT Calendar under "Events" to get a full sense of who we are and what we do.

Inman Moore Article on ACT in Pasadena Weekly