Register Democrats

Let's Get This Done!

Can you help us finish our first postcard campaign for the 2022 Mid-Term elections?

Since January 31, 2022 our group has written more than 18,000 postcards to register voters in several important California US House Districts. We only have about 2,000 more postcards to go. Won't you help us get this done? 

The postcards need to be mailed by May 13, at the latest. Non-registered voters have until May 23 to register online using the website or the handy QR Code that is on our postcards. They can still register from May 24 until June 7 but they must do it at a Voter Center. So the sooner, the better we get these postcards out!


We are sending these remaining postcards to women in California's 27th District. We will give them to you along with addresses, and scripts. All you need to supply is your energy and postcard stamps. We're hoping you and your friends will step forward to get this done!



Questions? Call or email us:

Karen Rowinsky - 626-483-1135

Katie Dempster - - 323-363-2602